Danger falls on a father and his teenage hacker daughter when she unwittingly reveals them both as con artists.


Ted and his young teenage daughter Joy are a couple of savvy grifters. But after all the scams they’ve pulled, Joy is having a crisis of conscience when they meet a man who tries to scam the scammers. Joy pulls a stunt that puts both her and her father in jeopardy.

Forced to skip town, Ted brings his Russian girlfriend Yanna along. Joy attempts to break them apart, but only succeeds in getting them all in hotter water. When Yanna’s past catches up to her, and Joy falls in love with an older bad boy, all seems lost.

This outlaw family has one last chance to either score big, or lose everything. The outcome will determine their fate for the rest of their lives.

Director’s Statement

The film exposes the conflict between the skewed ethics of an always online teen and those of her old-school con man dad.

This family lives under a gray moral code where doing small cons is permissible, as long as they are for a greater good.

For today’s “screenagers,” this film is about pushing boundaries, and discovering who you are.

It’s about growing up in a world where your parents are seemingly stuck in perpetual childhood, where their promises of a rosy future seem as believable as a conman’s pitch.