Joe Newcomb’s Truth Entertainment and D Street Pictures’ Dexter Davis, with business partner CorShonda “CoCo” Springer, have joined forces to finance, package and produce the father and daughter con-artist movie Team Joy. The film is set to start production next year in Atlanta, Georgia when Williams is done shooting his eighth season of the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. Mr. Williams rose to national fame when he won the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award after delivering a stirring speech highlighting racial injustice and police brutality in America. The speech set off a firestorm of reactions on social media.

Dallas Buyer’s Club executive producer and Truth Entertainment CEO Joe Newcomb had this to say, “Jesse brings to our film not only his enormous talent but also his own personal experiences helping at-risk youth. We are honored to have him board the team.”

Emmy Award-winning director Joe Tripician wrote the screenplay and will also direct. Team Joy is about an old-school con-artist and his hacker daughter, who unknowingly reveals their tricks of the trade and puts them in danger.

“Dexter and I are thrilled to board this exciting project, and even more excited to work with such an esteemed actor and activist such as Jesse Williams.” Said the film’s executive producer, CoCo Springer. “The film examines racial and social biases that aren’t always touched upon in movies today. We can’t wait to begin principal photography early next year.”


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A reel that represents the tone, mood, and narrative motifs in the feature film “Team Joy,” currently in pre-production.

Barden / Schnee Casting joins the team at Team Joy!

Renown Casting Director Kerry Barden of Barden-Schnee, has boarded the coming-of-age cyber crime film “Team Joy.”

Barden-Schnee adds “Team Joy” to their long list of outstanding films including: The Girl on the Train (2016) | Pitch Perfect (2012) | Dallas Buyers Club (2013) | The Help (2011) | Pineapple Express (2008) | American Psycho (2000).

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About Team Joy

Danger falls on a father and his teenage hacker daughter when she unwittingly reveals them both as con artists.


Ted and his young teenage daughter Joy are a couple of smart, technologically savvy grifters. But after all the scams they’ve pulled, Joy is having a crisis of conscience when they meet a man who tries to scam the scammers. Joy pulls a stunt that puts both her and her father in jeopardy.

Forced to skip town, Ted brings his new girlfriend Maya along. Joy attempts to break them apart, but only succeeds in getting them all in hotter water. When Maya’s past catches up to her, and Joy falls in love with an older bad boy, all seems lost.

This outlaw family has one last chance to either score big, or lose everything. The outcome will determine their fate for the rest of their lives.

The “Team Joy” screenplay placed in the top 15% of 2015’s Nicholl Screenwriting competition. 



HOUSTON, June 28, 2016 – Truth Entertainment, the producers behind Dallas Buyers Club, announced it is starting pre-production on its next project, Team Joy, written by Emmy Award®-winning producer Joe Tripician. The film is centered around the complex relationship of a father-daughter grifter team whose life begins to unravel when the teenage daughter second guesses their way of life and unknowingly puts the pair in danger. The story represents the pitfalls that occur when a child is raised under a gray moral code, and becomes caught in a web of deceit.

Team Joy is written by Tripician (Moto Anjos, Metaphoria), whom will also serve as director. Truth Entertainment presents under their banner with Truth’s Joe Newcomb and Tripician both acting as producers. With casting already underway, principal photography is scheduled to start in early 2017. This news comes on the heels of Truth’s continuing effort to ramp up their portfolio with the recently announced feature films, The Nobistor Affair and Ruby’s Prayer. Newcomb received the script this year via email from Tripician and immediately bought the rights. Tripician was inspired to write the screenplay when his teenage daughter demonstrated her own set of self-taught cyber skills.

Joe Newcomb of Truth Entertainment said, “This is a film that will resonate with audiences; every person worries about the hidden dangers of the internet and what can happen when your information falls in the wrong hands. Joe has written an excellent script and with his vision, I’m excited to bring it to life.”

Team Joy represents a daily struggle that all parents, myself included, have with their children, technology and safety,” said Joe Tripician. “I’m thrilled to be working with Joe and Truth Entertainment to produce and direct this film and to shine a light on a dark corner of the internet that we all can fall victim to.”

Ted and his young teenage daughter, Joy, a self-taught hacker, are smart technologically savvy swindlers and petty thieves. After pulling off many scams, including phishing schemes, stolen online identities, spyware and currency theft, Joy is having a crisis of conscience when they meet a man who tries to out-scam the duo. To deal with the dilemma, Joy pulls a stunt that puts both her and her father in jeopardy. This outlaw family has one last chance to either score big or lose everything.

Joe Newcomb is Chairman and CEO of Truth Entertainment, which is currently filming The Tribes of Palos Verdes with Jennifer Garner and is in pre-production for the recently announced films The Nobistor Affair,the true story of a top-secret mission to overthrow the Ghana government and Ruby’s Prayer, an adaptation of a historical novel about a family’s epic struggle during the final days of the Wild West in a post-Civil War America.

Joe Tripician is an Emmy Award®-winning producer, as well as a writer-director, playwright and published author with over 30 years experience in film, TV and digital media. In 2002, he performed his one-man play “Balkanized at Sunrise” at Dixon Place Theater in New York City. The play was based on his trip to the Balkans when the Croatian government hired him to write an official biography of their president, which was summarily banned. Joe published a memoir of his experience, also titled “Balkanized at Sunrise.” In addition to winning an Emmy Award® for “Best Documentary of Cultural Significance” forMetaphoria (PBS), Tripician has also won numerous awards at film festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival, CyberArts Festival in Los Angeles, Mill Valley Film Festival, Montreal International Film Festival and the Nashville (Sinking Creek) Film Festival. His work has been exhibited at esteemed international art galleries such as the Guggenheim Museum, Laforet Museum Roppongi (Tokyo), National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York City) and the Whitney Museum of American Art (National Tour). Tripician earned an MFA from Columbia University. He currently resides in Brazil with his wife and two daughters.


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Truth Entertainment is an independent film production company based in Houston and was founded by Joe Newcomb. Their mission is to tell true stories that are socially relevant and to shine a light on people and topics that make a difference in today’s world. Their most recent box-office success was the Academy Award®-winning AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. For more information, please visit


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